Creating more storage space in this kitchen renovation

The customer brief for this kitchen renovation in Hamilton was they were wanting more storage space as the existing pantry space wasn’t adequate, and there didn’t seem to be enough space for two people working at the same time within the kitchen.

Thankfully, the existing laundry was located behind the fridge/oven wall, so we opened this wall to create a combined laundry/scullery which created this extra storage space. This also meant that we could change the kitchen shape, so we moved the cooktop to the back wall which allowed for space for these customers when working in the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinetry is Dezignatek, Lana Grey colour in the Ronda style and the benchtops mitred 40mm Caesarstone Nordic Loft engineered stone. The sink and cooktop splashbacks are Laminam, Argento Fio, which bring a texture into this space.